Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic Espresso Machine.

Having a tasty and nutritious coffee, made from the comfort of my home, is my biggest desire as a coffee lover. Why should I go through the stress of driving to a coffee shop every morning? When I can have an automatic espresso machine brew my coffee, within the shortest time, giving me that perfect taste that I desire.

Unlike the manual espresso machine that requires the skill and involvement of a barista in the brewing process, an automatic espresso machine is easy to use for brewing coffee.

It also reduces your participation in the brewing process based on its features. Knowing their different qualities and features makes it easy to select and buy the best automatic espresso machine for your home. That is why we are here, to make your espresso coffee easy and accessible.

Why should you choose Automatic Espresso Machine?

  1. Easy to operate: If you have attempted making espresso with a manual machine, you can attest to the fact that the process is difficult, worse still, time-consuming. You have to grind the coffee, lock the portable filter, and clean the machine for every brewing process. And because it is difficult to make multiple cups at a time, you have to clean and refill the portafilter after every shot. That can be stressful and messy. But with an automatic coffee maker, you can save yourself a lot of energy and time. With the push of a button, an automatic espresso machine gives your luscious coffee.
  2. Variety of coffee-based drinks: Automatic coffee machine makes the best espresso. Not only that, it has a milk steaming option that allows you to make other varieties of coffee-based drinks, such as Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, and Regular Coffee. In addition, a super-automatic espresso machine can serve a multipurpose function. For instance, it can dispense hot milk or hot water on demand, when you need to make tea.
  3. Programmed brewing: A fully automatic espresso machine is designed for your convenience and to save time. An automatic espresso machine can be programmed to make different lengths of coffee in one process. It works as your home barista to give you your desired coffee flavor.

It is perfect for the morning rush. By simply placing your travel mug or flask under the dispenser, you can store your coffee for use at the office. There is no need to visit a coffee shop on your way again.

What to look for?

  • Functionality: When selecting the best automatic espresso machine for your home or business, you must consider how much you want to be involved in the brewing process. A semi-automatic espresso machine may not have an inbuilt grinder or milk-steaming capabilities, but a super-automatic espresso machine is an automatic coffee maker with an inbuilt grinder and milk frothier. The super-automatic espresso machine can also regulate the coffee strength, water temperature, and the amount of caffeine per cup.
  • Affordability: The quality of the automatic espresso machine you get depends on your budget. A fully automatic coffee machine is expensive. The average cost of an automatic espresso machine with a grinder is $1200.
  • Size: The size of the machine determines the number of shots per process; the capacity of the water reservoir and boiler determines the amount of water that can be stored and used in a brewing process. All of these must be considered when choosing your automatic espresso machine. For your business, you might want to get a fully automatic commercial espresso machine. Its parts are big enough to serve multiple cups during a brewing process.

Doing Coffee With Automatic Machine

How to use an Automatic Espresso Machine?

Although a super-automatic espresso machine handles most of the brewing tasks with the push of few buttons, users need to understand the processes involved in its operation to make a proper buying decision. An automatic espresso machine has a water reservoir that stores water.

For a semi-automatic espresso machine, water is only manually poured into the machine, but a super-automatic espresso machine can be plumbed to a water supply. As a user, you must ensure that the water that is stored in the machine is clean, because, the machine is not built to purify water or change its taste. A super-automatic espresso machine also has an inbuilt grinder that grinds your coffee beans and allows you to control its finesse and coarseness.

With this knowledge, now let's see how a fully automatic coffee machine works.

  • The grinder grinds the coffee beans and sends them to the portable filter (a basket that holds ground coffee). With a super-automatic espresso machine, you can control the gram of coffee that is ground and transferred to the portafilter per brewing process. This helps to regulate the amount of caffeine per cup.
  • The pump allows water to run through the machine automatically. It moves water from the reservoir to the boiler where it is heated (this has to be at a proper temperature for a great espresso to be made). An automatic machine controls the heating temperature.
  • The water then moves to the steam-wand where milk-steaming takes place for latte and cappuccino or to the group-head where brewing takes place.
  • The portafilter is attached to the group head, and water is forced to compress through the grind.
  • Finally, the compressed water and ground coffee (making an espresso) with steamed milk for other varieties runs into the cup through the dispenser.

While the process looks incredibly long, your automatic coffee maker handles this process very quickly to deliver a tasty beverage.

For home

  1. Made with quality material: To choose the best fully automatic espresso machine for your home, consider the quality of material as this determines how long the machine will serve you.
  2. Easy to maintain: Automatic espresso machines can clean themselves up after use, thereby removing coffee particles and water waste. The waste is usually sent to a tray or dreg drawer for proper disposal by the user.
  3. User friendly: The best fully automatic coffee machine is made for your convenience. For instance, a super-automatic espresso machine lets you set a timer to get your coffee brewed at a particular time in the morning so you just get it served as soon as you wake up, while still on your bed.

Using Espresso Machine For Home


With the knowledge of the types, sizes, qualities, and functionalities of an automatic espresso machine, it becomes easier to make a perfect buying decision for your home and business. You can use the list of best automatic espresso machines provided above to make a seamless purchase.


How to clean an automatic espresso machine?

One of the qualities of a super-automatic espresso machine is self-cleaning. The cleaning process can be done by pressing the button, and the waste moved to the dreg drawer. Therefore, you must regularly detach and clean the dreg drawer to avoid mold growth. For further cleaning of your automatic espresso machine, consult your user manual to clean the parts.

What coffee to use for the automatic espresso machine?

Choose an espresso coffee bean product. The best espresso coffee is dark roasted beans and finely ground. Since a super-automatic espresso machine has an inbuilt grinder, use a finer grind for espresso coffee and coarser for regular coffee.

What is the best automatic espresso machine?

If you like to have greater control over your brewing process, especially regarding extraction, a semi-automatic espresso machine will serve you better. With a super-automatic espresso machine, you can have the machine take care of the entire process. Before you make that purchase, it is best to consider the super-automatic espresso machine reviews.

Where to buy an automatic espresso machine?

You can get your automatic coffee machine from reliable online stores where quality home and office appliances are sold. You can purchase yours using the link provided in our list of the best automatic espresso machine.

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