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Assam tea, commonly known as morning tea, is one of the most widely consumed teas in the world. It is usually processed as black tea, although it may also be processed as green or white tea. For everyone who wishes to drink Assam tea, the conventional method turns it into black tea. It's a crucial recipe for English breakfast tea since it's the purest version of the drink.

What Is Assam Tea?

Assam tea is made from another variety of Camellia, which is Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica. Assam tea has an exotic flavor and a deep, savory scent, according to many people. These distinguishing characteristics are usually attributable to the tea's unique manufacturing procedure.

Assam Tea Leaves.

Assam Tea Benefits

Assam tea has been around for several years, and it would be a completely new discourse to write about history. However, here are some of assam tea benefits:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Other cardiovascular health issues, such as heart failure, heart attack, and stroke, can be caused by hypertension or high blood pressure. As a result, several experts have looked into the relationship between tea and high blood pressure. Regular tea drinking can manage excessive blood pressure, according to specific rat research. In addition, long-term use of black tea lowers blood pressure, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease by around 7-10%. As a result, drinking Assam black tea can help lower blood pressure and, in turn, lower the risk of cardiovascular death.
  • It Has Anti-Cancer Effect: Various black tea components have been shown to prevent the development and spread of cancer cells in some experiments. In addition, a small body of human studies has found links between black tea consumption and a lower risk of various malignancies, such as skin and lung cancer. Although this research is encouraging, more significant, more extensive human trials are needed to see if black tea may prevent or cure cancer.
  • It Contains Antioxidants: Assam tea benefits the body as it contains various unique plant chemicals, such as thearubigins, theaflavins, catechins, etc., which act as antioxidants in your body and may help prevent illness. Black tea's antioxidants may protect cells from harm and reduce inflammation by counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals.

Origin, Areas of Growing

Assam tea comes from the Camellia sinensis var. Assamica plant, which is indigenous to Assam, India. Assam tea is produced in India's northeastern area, one of the world's most significant tea-producing regions. Assam black tea is native to Assam as Chinese tea varieties didn't survive on Assam soil. Assam tea is recognized for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and rich, vivid color, despite being primarily cultivated at or near sea level.

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Types of Assam Tea

There are various types of Assam tea depending on the methods of processing used to make them into final products. These differences are always quite evident in these types of tea from different brands. Here are the two main types:
  • Orthodox tea is Assam tea made using traditional methods and is usually considered more high-quality than other teas used for Assam tea bags.
  • CTC or cut-tear-curl tea is the type of tea formed into small pellets from the leaves, and it's the kind for Assam tea bags.

What To Look for in Assam Tea

In finding Assam black tea you’ll like, here are some of the things to look for and note:

  • Taste
  • Blend
  • Brand
  • Type (Organic or Inorganic)

You’ll have to note these attributes over time to know which one is your most preferred. That way, you can quickly tell what Assam tea to go for even when you’re presented with new options.

Assam Tea Benefits.

Best Assam Tea for You

There are various manufacturers of Assam black tea, and the difference is usually noticeable. Some brands use a pure blend of Assam tea, while some mix it with other tea leaves. However, finding the best Assam tea for yourself should be straightforward as long you're out to experiment and discover great blends.


Assam tea is one of the top teas globally and used to be elite some centuries back. However, these days, everyone has the opportunity to try out this goodness and share a cup with their friends and family.


What Is Assam Tea?

Assam tea is made from a different camellia sinensis species local to Assam, India's northeastern part. Assam is one of the world's major producers of tea and is known for its distinct flavor.

What Does Assam Tea Taste Like?

The flavor of Assam tea is regarded as being rich, nuanced, and malty. Assam milk tea, as well as other tea additives, can be used to make a variety of Assam teas.

Where To Buy Assam Tea?

Assam tea is available to buy everywhere around you and readily available in cafes. Also, online is a great place to buy Assam black tea as you get to read reviews before buying them.

How Much Caffeine in Assam Tea?

Depending on the steep time of Assam black tea, it can have around 60 — 112 mg caffeine per cup. It's a detractor for people who may want to avoid caffeine. However, there are decaf Assam tea options to try.

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