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There are so many brands and varieties of coffee, each with its peculiarity. While some have strong flavors, others have a milder flavor, low quantity of caffeine, or in some cases, high caffeine content. It is important to know the peculiar features or characteristics of each variety of coffee to guide your selection process. Knowing what you want in a coffee and how to find it helps you to pick the best available options in the market.

This next section shows a table of our top picks from numerous varieties of coffee available in the market. Feel to go through and select your favorite ones.

Main Features

  • Top 2 Varieties in the World: Arabica coffee is one of the top two coffee varieties thought the world. Statistics show that 75% of the coffee produced is made from Arabica beans. Arabica beans were initially brewed in East Africa and Arabia. In the 17th century, it was then introduced to Europe and America. They could be mixed with Robusta coffee or used to produce coffee alone.
  • Distinct Sweet Taste: Arabica coffee has a lot of unique features that make it a go-to for coffee lovers. One of these is its unique flavor and distinct sweet taste. The taste of Arabica coffee is quite soft and mild. It is made from Arabica beans accompanied by fruit, sugar, and berries. This gives the coffee higher acidity and smooth feel of a wine. This blend of fruitiness and acidity gives the Arabica coffee a different taste from the usual.
  • Less Caffeine: Arabica Coffee has a less bitter taste but with a very unique and delicate smell and flavor. This coffee is also known to have lesser caffeine content compared to a lot of other coffees. There are, however, different variants of Arabica Coffee. Some of them are Colombian coffee and Kona Coffee. These variants come in different bodies and flavors but belong to the same family.

How Does Arabica Coffee Grow.

As earlier said, the goodness of Arabica Coffee does not only come in one form. There are varieties of this coffee thriving around the world, about a dozen. They have their distinct features, which are due to differences in their growing conditions and requirements, but at the same time, they have a lot of similarities as they still belong to the same family.

Out of the many varieties of Arabica Coffee available, there are two common ones: Typica and Bourbon. The Typica is not a very flourishing crop even though it was the first variety that was discovered. But still, it produces one of the most excellent coffees in the world and is highly valued.

The Bourbon variety is known for its creamy and chocolate flavor accompanied with a very pleasant aroma. Because of its value and excellent quality, farmers have developed more blends, hybrids, and subtypes of this variant.


It is often expected that something as nice as this coffee might have adverse effects on health. But in contrast, there are several health benefits embedded in the goodness of Arabica Coffee. Each sip you take is accompanied by several antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals beneficial to your health. Here are some of the benefits of taking Arabica coffee.

Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans.


There are antioxidants such as phenolic acids present in Arabica Coffee beans. These antioxidants help to remove toxic substances and free radicals that could be dangerous to the body. They form a defensive mechanism to protect the body system. Taking Arabica coffee also reduces the risk of coming down with cancers like endometrial cancer, skin cancer, mouth cancer, liver cancer, and other cancer conditions.

Asides from the protective function of the antioxidants, Arabica Coffee has been found to have the ability to reduce and inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth, Lactobacillus acidophilus. Arabica Coffee performs this function due to the presence of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in the beverage. This means as you take sips of Arabica Coffee and enjoy its uniqueness, you also get to protect your mouth and whole body.

Reduced Glucose

In a study done on diabetic rats, extracts from Arabica Coffee Beans were discovered to cause a decrease in the glucose levels of diabetic rats. In essence, Arabica Coffee may have the potential to reduce the risk of coming down with diabetes. A study by Carlstrom, an associate professor of Physiology from Sweden, also discovered an inverse relationship between the consumption of Arabica extracts and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. The more your intake of Arabica Coffee, the lesser your predisposition to Type 2 diabetes due to its glucose reduction ability. By taking a cup of Arabica Coffee, you have your risk of diabetes lowered by 6%. If you take more (about 3-4 cups) per day, you will achieve a 25% rush reduction.

Arabica Coffee Beans In A Cup.

Vitamins and Minerals

Arabica Coffee also contains vitamins and minerals, although in small quantities. When you take a cup, 8-ounce of Arabica Coffee, you get a blend of nutrients, including 7mg magnesium, 0.5mg of niacin, 0.6mg of manganese, 0.2mg of riboflavin, and so many more. There is definitely a lot to gain from drinking Arabica Coffee as often as you can.

Fewer Calories

A significant advantage of taking Arabica Coffee is that it contains no calories in the absence of milk or sweetening agent. If you are concerned about weight gain and looking for means to cut down on your calorie consumption, you can be sure that Arabica Coffee is the best beverage option for you. You can also add low-fat milk if you always love your coffee with milk to spice it up without worrying about unnecessary weight gain.

Less Thirst

A common complaint from people after consuming beverages apart from water is frequent thirst. This is, however, not the case with Arabica Coffee. Despite its diuretic properties, you would have to take up to 4 cups of Arabica Coffee before you can start feeling thirsty all over again. This is because it has a high amount of potassium and less sodium which help to balance fluids and control hydration.

How to Choose the Best Arabica Coffee

Arabica Coffee Beans In Plates.

  1. Know your preference: When you want to buy your Arabica Coffee, it's better to know what you want. Do you like it mixed with other varieties of coffee, or you want plain or organic arabica coffee? Knowing your preferences will help you make the best choice.
  2. Check out its general taste profile: You would want an overview of what it will taste like before you pick an option. So, you should always check out the profile when buying Arabica Coffee brands.
  3. Pick an option based on your preferred taste: After knowing your preference, choose the brand or variety that suits your needs or preference.
  4. Settle for the best way to enjoy it: There are different ways to enjoy the goodness of Arabica Coffee. Some people want it with milk and other additives, while others enjoy it without the extras.

We have been able to cover all you need to know about Arabica Coffee and how to get the best Arabica coffee. Although it might be initially difficult to pick the best Arabica Coffee, following these guidelines would help you choose your most preferred option.


What is Arabica Coffee?

Arabica Coffee Bean is believed to be the oldest coffee bean cultivated. It was first brewed by the people of Ethiopia. Arabica coffee is characterized by its sweet flavor and low caffeine content. It gives a higher acidity compared to others and has a blend of fruitiness.

Is Arabica Coffee Good for You?

Arabica Coffee is good and particularly safe to consume by everyone. It has a blend of nutrients that are healthy for intake. Its low caffeine content even makes it more preferable to other types of coffee.

Is Arabica Coffee Healthy?

Arabica Coffee is healthy for intake. It has many health benefits, including antioxidants properties that protect the body from free radicals, reduced glucose level in diabetic patients, etc. It is also known to help in the regulation of blood pressure.

What Does Arabica Coffee Taste Like?

Every sip of Arabica Coffee comes with goodness. It has a less bitter taste compared to other coffee types. It also has a mild and delicate flavor, with blends of fruits. It is like your coffee with a mix of extra uniqueness.

Where to Buy Arabica Coffee?

Arabica Coffee Beans can be gotten in most parts of the world. It is also served in coffee outlets, either mixed with Robusta or served plain. Milk and sugar could be added if preferred.

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